Our Story

Shahkaar introduces itself as a Kashmir based neo-craft cum fashion brand, aiming to preserve and promote the rich Kashmir crafts far and wide. We envision to empower the Kashmir’s exceptional artisan community and simultaneously endeavour to generate respectable employment for the unemployed youth. This will eventually help to resuscitate the long-ailing Kashmiri craft sector and act as a harbinger for a strong state economy wherein self-reliance and sustainability will become our prime hallmarks.
pashmina weaving process  
pashmina weaving on handloom We firmly believe that sustainable development is unachievable within a poisoned and depleted environment. Thus, the production of all our handmade goods will incorporate pristine eco-friendly processes that were in existence in Kashmir way long back before the advent of industrialization.
Shahkaar, a word taken from rich Urdu language means ‘A Masterpiece’. This is the word that appositely expresses our dexterity as every single production of ours is a masterpiece in itself. hand block print on pashmina
hand embroidery on pashmina  The Story of our Craft Legacy commences with our Great Grandfather who frequently travelled to ‘ The Land of High Passes’ namely Ladakh (the third region in the state of J&K) to source the high-quality Pashmina/Cashmere wool taken from the Changra goats also known as Pashmina goats. The times were exceptionally different from now. Several weeks were to be expended to reach Ladakh from Srinagar and the journey was to be either to be taken on horses or on foot in extreme conditions. It acted as an adventurous business trip that involved to travel through numerous mountains and valleys. Since then this business gene passed onto our grandfather, then to our father and we stand at the end of this lineage. Now the helm of affairs of this business rests with us and to put a new life into it we conceived the novel idea of Shahkaar.


We proudly bring forward Shahkaar as a sincere effort to cherish and relive our past legacy in a world that has turned highly mechanized and adamant on breaking the thumbs of the artisans who unlike industries know only to produce a masterpiece, Shahkaar.